Michel Demanche: Mr. Hopper's Neighborhood

Causey Contemporary

29 Orchard St., New York

June 19 - July 30, 2017

Michel Demanche’s “Mr. Hopper’s Neighborhood” began with digital images from a hand held device of two young girls playing dress up with their grandmother. As Ms. Demanche reviewed the images they appeared so nostalgic to her that they could almost have been Edward Hopper paintings. Then her imagination began to see less nostalgia, less innocence and perhaps even a sinister quality in the blank expression of the girls so a new narrative developed. Mr. Hopper could be anyone, perhaps the one person we all knew as the one from the house at the end of the street where no one really ever saw the owner…. the house that all the children in the neighborhood wondered about, a house and person of mystery where perhaps a party waited if one ever had the courage to actually knock at the door.