Odds, Eleven Diptychs I Found into My Mind
Remomero Gallery
Skyline building,  Beirut, Lebanon
22 June - 5 August 2017



The destiny of images lies in the principle that produces them. That principle is in the disruptive force of the double, creative and tyrannical at the same time. It needs a kind of zen exercise to create a vacuum in our mind where to be able to recognize it. It needs a zen ironic approach of our mind to escape from its paralyzing hug. The 11 diptychs, acrylic on canvas by Remo Ciucciomei are that exercise, trying to get a side glance at the double, playing with the second life of the images after their disappearance, when they are just archaeological fragments in our mind.  

You can visit it anytime up to August 5th, in between 6.30 to 9.00 pm. Entrance is free, yet it would be good to announce arrival. Gallery address isSky Line building, Block A, Floor 14, Mar Mikhael