Odetta Gallery

229 Cook Street, New York

May 12 - June 18, 2017

The artists of Invocation focus on healing, either a specific person, or thing when engaged in the act of making their works of art.

The magical qualities inherent in their spirited requests can be seen in the finished work. Through the power of imagination and intense concentration, their objects make our humanity visible and vulnerable.

In conjunction with the exhibition Invocation at Odetta we have curated our Flat Files for Creative Tech Week 2017. Jeff Becker, Joshie Fishbein, Greg Garvey, Toni Simon, and Susan Stair have produced works that address geological time, persistence of nature, communication among trees and humans, and the fragility of our planet through ceramic installation, poetry, and video works.


Loren Eiferman, Camille Eskell, Charles Geiger
Flat Files Artists: in collaboration with Creative Tech Week 2017
Jeff Becker, Joshie Fishbein, Greg Garvey, Toni Simon, Susan Stair