For those of us who encounter galleries, art and artists on the regular, we begin to see patterns in those who succeed in the art world, and those who don’t. While PotatoMike considered making a list of tips for the up and coming, we came across this article in Artsyshark check the link for the full article). It describes the best ways to be sure to fail as an artist. While it’s tone is a bit sarcastic, it does actually describe some of the mistakes artists and gallery owners alike tend to make. So, rather than preaching from the mountaintop, we decided to get a little artsy snark. All in the name of fun.


Well, we at PotatoMike always have two things to say to people seeking advice. The first is, don’t ever take anyone’s advice, the second...  


• Believe in the myth of the starving artist.


• Take all of your own portfolio shots (preferably out-of-focus with poor lighting).


• Write a rambling, vague artist statement that no one can understand so that you appear to be intelligent and unfathomable.


• Wait until the last minute to send in applications.

• Don’t return phone calls.

• Ignore visitors at gallery shows – remain aloof and mysterious!


• Leave your last blog entry of November, 2008 as your most recent contribution.


• Vastly under-price your work.


• Vastly overprice your work.


• Refuse to volunteer.


• Avoid business or networking events like the plague.


• Don’t take any continuing art or business education classes.


• Neglect to update your website with current work.


• Find excuses why your work won’t sell, and use them often.


• Apologize for your art – say that you are “not really” an artist.


• Who needs marketing? You’re not a salesperson!


• Blame others for misunderstanding your work.


• Maintain a messy and disorganized studio.

• Embrace rejection – convince yourself you are a failure.


• Ignore deadlines.


• Procrastinate.

• Give up.

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