S.B. Walker: Walden

Janet Borden

1 Water St, Brooklyn, New York

May 4 - June 23, 2017

Janet Borden, Inc. presents an exhibition of contemporary photographs by S.B. Walker in conjunction with the publication of his book, Walden, (Heidelburg: Verlag Kehrer, 2017). This is S.B. Walker’s debut with the gallery, and we are excited to present this exhibition.

On the 200th anniversary of Henry David Thoreau’s birth, S.B. Walker has commemorated the site. Much as Thoreau, the transcendentalist, valued nature and naturalism as the antidote for contemporary society, Walden enthusiasts continue to prize this particular park as a refuge.
Walker’s photographs illustrate the way this once pristine landscape is now viewed and used. Some parts are still scenic and tranquil, while other areas are funky and overrun. Yet the lure of Walden Pond endures, bringing people to swim, boat, hike, etc. A real appreciation of a place includes recognizing its foibles and its drawbacks without canceling the pleasure of this renowned site. A bag punctuates the stillness of the pond, looking no less elegant for being trash.

Walker uses a large format camera to observe both the poignant and the ridiculous. In this way, his work is not dissimilar from Thoreau’s original, which reflected on the artist’s experiences in nature. Both Thoreau and Walker are funnier than they seem at first glance. The prints in the exhibition are carefully crafted, and reflect the attention given to their production.