Next to Nothing Gallery is pleased to announce, This and That, an exhibition of new work from two noted New York artists, Justen Ladda and Brigitte Engleron. Both artists explore transformation, process, physicality and mark-making. The exhibition will be on view at 181 Orchard St, New York. from May 25th- June 24th, 201, with an opening reception for the artists on Thursday, May 25, 6-9p. Light refreshments will be served. This and That will feature Justen Ladda’s “mirrors”, elliptical contemplations and reflections hand-painted on red cedar wood using metal leaf and resin; and Brigitte Engleron’s sidewalk graffiti encaustic paintings, constructed using a frottage rubbing technique, handmade paper and beeswax. Focusing on the experience of process, Engleron explored mechanical means of reproduction such as rubbings, linocuts, shibori dye, in encaustic, paper, fabric to re-present vernacular patterns, ephemeral and anonymous, collected haphazardly and opposes to the pure abstraction of thought, the physicality of here and now.

Ladda aims to accentuate and draw attention to the natural grain patterns deep in wood in his reflective oval pieces. He uses a labor-intensive hand rubbing technique to accentuate the natural cedar wood grain, the patterns becomes more and more visibly apparent. The many-layered delicate application of metal leaf, paint and resin result in a shiny mirror-like finish. These contemplations and amplifications of humble subjects, explore the coming together of man, nature and the artist's eye. Ladda and Engleron are interested in modernity intersecting and/or colliding into our natural and built environment, and both are influenced by the mindfulness and meditation of Tai Chi and Chinese scholar rocks.