Chase Langford and Sarah Picon: Found In Translation

Susan Eley Fine Art

46 W 90th St, New York

April 20 - June 1, 2017

We are pleased to announce the opening of “Found In Translation,” a two-person exhibition featuring new paintings by Franco-British artist Sarah Picon, and paintings by Los Angeles based artist Chase Langford.

Sarah Picon - This will be the second showing of Sarah Picon’s paintings at SEFA, following the success of her debut exhibition in the US, “Across the Pond,” in 2012. Picon is represented by Galerie G’M, located in Veynes in the south of France. We are delighted to collaborate again with Martine Garcin, director of Galerie G’M, to bring Picon’s new work to the US. The grouping of more than a dozen paintings include small works in acrylic of fruit or flowers resting on tables, portraits of women in profile or in contemplation and seated at a table. Picon refers to her artistic practice as a dual search for revealing abstract shapes in form, color and texture, along with recognizable objects – a chair or a bowl of fruit. When she begins a painting she will allow images seen, photographed or previously drawn to flood her senses. Through a subconscious process of elimination of imagery, rather than a building up, and using both painting and drawing techniques, the essence of a painting reveals itself.

In her still lifes Picon refers to Cezanne, with bowls of fruit precariously sitting on tilted tables, and early Picasso with the softly fragmented figures and skewed, expressive facial features. The backgrounds are created with broad washes of color marked by intersecting plains, indicating a room, walls, perhaps a colorful wallpaper. With each painting, Picon invites us into a luscious interior, at once contemporary and nostalgic, and beckons us to join the woman at the table reading, sipping tea or gazing out of the window at a hilly landscape beyond.

Chase Langford - Chase Langford has been featured in two group exhibitions at SEFA: “Making Their Mark,” (2011), guest curated by SEFA artist Amber George, and “Elements of Domesticity” (2014); and one solo exhibition, “Geo + Morphic” (2014). Langford has also participated with SEFA at six art fairs in Miami, New York, Silicon Valley and Toronto. We are pleased to present a highly selective grouping of Langford’s paintings in this second solo exhibition. At the start of each painting Langford begins with a real place, one he has visited. To create each composition, the artist taps into his visual and spatial memory of the specific geography – in the case of this show, the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Breckenridge, CO, Cozumel, Mexico, Lewis Bay, MA and Del Mar, CA.

Langford subsequently builds up layers of color from a canvas initially painted black, and then scrapes, rubs and repaints. Subtle hues of color reveal themselves from layers unearthed, recalling riverbeds, rock strata or canyons, and the physicality of the natural world.

As we look at Langford’s paintings, a funny thing happens to the mind. We recall birds eye views of landscapes glimpsed from airplanes. But seen from a different vantage point, we could be looking into a cross section of a magnificent rock or gemstone.