Salute To The Stars!

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

531 West 25th Street, Ground Floor, Suite 4, New York

May 5 - June 14, 2017

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York City, is proud to show in its May 5-June 14, 2017 exhibition leading Contemporary Master Artists, whose work explores the abstract, figurative and natural worlds, exalting the realm of the aesthetic through brilliant coloration and dazzling sculptural form.  This special “Salute To The Stars!” exhibition boasts more “Stars than there are in Heaven” and offers a sparkling tribute which will dazzle the senses of both art acquisitors and art aficionados alike with its incandescent  renewal and regeneration of the visual realm. Pulsating with dynamic synergy and artistic creativity, these artists’ sophisticated, eclectic and profound representations of the world shine the spotlight on a unique, universal artistic language. Highlighted by the glamorous and elegant Thursday, May 11th 3:00- 6:00 pm Champagne Reception, each artist has the unique capacity to circumnavigate cultural barriers and nationalistic identities as they translate contemporary global art to transcend the scope of language to translate their views into a universal manifestation of international artistic communication. Reflecting the revitalizing penetration of compelling global ideas in our culture, these cross-continental conversations in art inspire with incandescent aesthetic explorations of the visual realm.

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to exhibit the ground-breaking paintings of TobyGotesman Schneier in an historic exhibition entitled, Colors Of The Holocaust. A Daughter of Auschwitz survivors, New York-New Jersey resident Toby Gotesman Schneier's visual imagery portrays the powerful contradictions and bitter ironies of life under the Third Reich. Her oil-on canvas portraits and World War II life-style scenarios reflect the duality of the holocaust, illustrating that a vibrant haute bourgeoisie life style co-existed alongside the unspeakable horrors of children being torn from their mothers, or hiding for protection underneath a sofa. A visual counterpoint to the Holocaust and Nazi history, Ms. Gotesman Schneier portrays the affluence of many of the bourgeoisie of the Third Reich, comfortably situated in their well-appointment homes, festooned with festive flowers and the amenities of life. She then juxtaposes them next to poignant, heart-wrenching Concentration Camp portraits of children who have witnessed the horrors and monstrosities of life.  Ms Gotesman Schneier concludes: "I paint with the hope that my portraits will empower and inspire people to never forget."

Starlight Synchronicities is a celestial constellation showcasing international artists based in the U.S. and Canada whose incandescent paintings intricately interweave a sublime tableau, reflecting an expressionist connection between humankind and the wonderment of the terrestrial realm. This heaven-on-earth exhibition emphasizes ravishing juxtapositions of line and form as these masterful artists communicate the ambrosial joys of our environment and interject their luminescent compositions with exciting, positive spiritual energy. Offering a parallax vision to the majesty of the natural world by creating a magical, enchanted kingdom, their works joyfully burst with dynamism as they ethereally illustrate the splendor of the natural terrain. Orchestrating a poetic visual experience of the external universe, CarolLoeb's lyrical paintings reflect a visual harmony of color and composition, offering a sensorial record of the fluidity of nature. Melba Juez-Perrone maintains a romantic and triumphant relationship with the floral kingdom as her mesmerizing still life oeuvre features golden daffodils, ruby roses, and pink tulips to encourage her audience to rejoice in the lush beauty of nature. JohnPeters celebrates the interplay between light, land, water, and sky with dramatic interpretations of florals and landscapes which reflect his response to ever-changing seasons. Moving beyond representational and experimenting with juxtaposition of color and texture, his strong compositions and highly expressionistic scenes inevitably strike viewers with ever-present themes of beauty, grace, and nature.

Galaxy of the Stars is a sparkling exhibition which represents the apex of excellence reflecting the work of two masters who offer an international perspective to the sensorial realm by illustrating powerful artistic interpretations of the world. Their imaginative quest for new artistic horizons explores inner visions and emotions rather than words, as they transform interpretive realms into poignantly mystical beautiful works of art.  Illuminating the mysteries of the world, they offer unique insights into the wonderment of life. Philip Catania’s opulent Surrealist compositions translate reality into dream-like fantastical scenarios which are an amalgam of line and form revealing multiple layers of human emotion as they capture the ever flowing essence of human emotions. Magdalena Kotlinska creates paradoxical silhouettes, which ethereally reveal how a creative mind can translate dreams into tangible forms.

Stars from Heaven challenges the eye with three masters whose expressive paintings and sculptures reflect the visceral qualities of the human figure by revealing a fascinating amalgamation of forms and shapes. Ignited by a dynamic artistic vision, they adroitly capture the dichotomy of human emotions through their art. Their visual odyssey explores unconventional images of the spirit which evolves into a profound metaphoric message through their metaphysical search, Creating a virtual fireworks display of creative and exuberant energy infused with emotional power and bravado..Croatian-American sculptor Nick Kacic-Miosic strives to infuse a complex web of cubist influence and artistic intuition into his figurative sculptures as he presents a contemporary vision of the human silhouette within a multidimensional space. With a special focus on subjects embodying the spirit of the west, Michelle Larsen harmoniously unites physical and emotional characteristics to engender an exceptional portrayal of each individual soul with her unique technique of layering tissue paper to create three-dimensionality. Yunia Lores figurative silhouettes emerge from the depths of her entrancing canvases and demonstrate a side of portraiture interested in unearthing emotions of past experiences in order to symbolically express memories through the human body.

Starlit Transplendence is a stellar compendium that shines the light and unravels the mysteries of the natural world as seen through the artistic visions of two compelling artists who transcend cultural boundaries with their visceral oeuvre. Vibrantly mirroring the energy of nature, their masterful works invite the viewer to expand our artistic horizons to form new viewpoints as they explore the profound complexities of Mother Nature. Encouraging audiences to interact with powerful and forceful compositions, the results of this dazzling survey are magnificent works whose bold intensity and dynamic truths communicate sizzling artistic observations of the natural realm which convey a rich new lexicon. Reflecting her fascination with the external terrain, Zoe Ann Fischer explores the fragility and intensity of the inner terrestrial world, echoing the beauty and energy of the land, sky and water. Tempered with a delicate ambiance, her works balance the fragile relationship that humanity shares with nature. Julija Levkova integrates multiple images into her photography to establish scenes of hyper-natural beauty and visual abundance while mirroring facets of reality.