On Love And Barley: Art From Japan

Cavin-Morris Gallery

210 11th Ave # 201, New York

April 13 - May 27, 2017

Cavin-Morris Gallery is pleased to present an eclectic exhibition of artworks from Japan including Noh and shrine masks, folk textiles, folk sculptures, contemporary works by Margaret Yuko Kimura and Yohei Nishimura, and contemporary ceramics from sake-ware and chawan (tea bowls) to non-utilitarian sculpture.   We called this exhibition On Love and Barley because we feel the entire world is in between those two words: barley, the essence of survival and sustenance, and love, the ephemeral world of compassion and human contact.  We dedicate this exhibition to the spirit of the poet Basho.

We will also be showing works of Japanese Art Brut including, M’onma, Yuichi Saito, Syunji Yamagiwa, Hirotaka Moriya, and Yoshiyasu Hirano.  The art world is only just now becoming familiar with the wide range of sculpture, paintings and drawings by artists not working in the mainstream, yet producing works of deep power and insight.  Cavin-Morris is proud to be part of the vanguard specializing in this growing aspect of international Art Brut.

The ceramists we will show include Shigemasa Higashida, Yukiya Izumita, Katsumi Kako, Aki Katayama, Mami Kato, Kentaro Kawabata, Touri Maruyama, Hideo Matsumoto, Shozo Michikawa, Akihiro Nikaido, Ryoji Koie, Toshio Ohi, Akira Sataki, Kato Takahiko, Yoh Tanimoto, Shiro Tsujimura, Koichi Uchida, Hiroyuki Wakimoto, and others.

Cavin-Morris Gallery has always been greatly influenced by the Japanese aesthetics from historic to contemporary, secular to spiritual.  We celebrate work that is timeless, rooted in the natural world, and always deeply evocative.