Jennifer Madeley Dunn, A Texas Artist: Water Crossing

Prince Street Gallery

530 West 25th Street 4th Floor, New York

April 25 – May 20, 2017

The creation and exploration of art has been a lifelong love -- the process of painting colors on canvas, drawing on paper, and cutting on wood and printing. When I look at my work I remember my making of it. The craft allows for the meditation and dictation of feelings, stories, and ideas. Words require a beginning and end -- structure and logic. Art remains open to mystery and contradictions.

Water Crossing: The Rio Grande is literally defining to Texans. It’s shaped our landscape and history. For most of my career as an artist, the great river’s natural beauty and myriad of scenes were sufficient. But, over the last few years, the men, women and children who cross the water have made an impression.

So, a humble Texan sets for you a table of

blue shapes and shades, dappled light, red earth.

The windows are open. There’s a musty breeze flicking the light, linen curtains, carrying hope, heartbreak, compassion, violence.

We will build a fire after the sun sets.