Anita Wong and Elizabeth Geisler: East West Rhythmical Harmony 

Desta Gallery

417 San Anselmo, San Anselmo

March 31 – May 18, 2017

Elizabeth Geisler

When I look at the world, I am drawn to the play of light and shadow, especially the varying patterns and moods created by natural and artificial light. I find that light’s reflections and refractions offer endless compositions of abstract beauty, while also imparting a strong sense of atmosphere.

My latest series explores what happens to light when reflected in water. I am intrigued by the intricate patterns on the water surface and how they can convey both movement and stillness. In some cases, it seems as if these reflections create an alternate reality to what we see on land or in the sky. I want the viewer to be able to interact with my work on different levels — to appreciate the beauty of the abstract composition nature provides while experiencing the almost musical rythymn of the water.


Anita Wong

My current works have been dealing with preservation of nature and Guo hua; individualism in the viewer’s eyes; patterns in nature; and the roles of traditional Arts in digital art age inspired by “The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction”, an essay German cultural critic Walter Benjamin. My painting series “Rorschach” for example, offers the viewer a Rorschach test, which invites them to question openly on what the individual sees. This invitation lets the viewer see art with not just the eyes but also the mind. It allows an old ancient art form to question the modern minds. My current painting series “Preserve” uses pins to preserve real insects and objects found in nature reflects my ultimate goal: Preserving the beauty from nature and the old art form of Guo hua. What I learned in design, Photography and Digital Arts plays a key role in my art creation. My ultimate dream as an artist is to develop unique styles of Lingnan Guo hua and Modern traditional arts with elegance and reasoning that speaks to both Eastern and Western viewers.