Ernesto Burgos: One Thing After Another

Kate Werble Gallery

83 Vandam St, New York

March 24 - May 6, 2017

The seven new pieces in One Thing After Another all started with a simple sheet of cardboard. “I like the idea of working with the cheap, malleable material, one that has a very functional, everyday purpose,” says Burgos. He reshapes the cardboard—by crumbling it, folding it, or cutting it—freezes the new shape in place with fiberglass or resin, and then does a surface treatment, with paint or collage. The end result is something that looks nothing like cardboard, of course. Instead, his pieces have a substantial feel, as if made of wood or some other dense substance.

Burgos says what he likes most about the pieces is the lack of control he has over them. Once the shape of the cardboard is frozen by the fiberglass or resin, “that shape dictates the surface treatment. I choose that surface treatment, I throw on a bucket of paint, but I don’t have control of where it goes, how it settles. Whatever happens, happens.”

The end result of that lack of control? Seven visually arresting pieces, all mammoth in scale (up to seven feet tall with the bases) yet full of interesting little nuances.